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D A Kemp | Novel cover design

Full cover design for D A Kemp's new, debut novel

D A Kemp's novel cover design was a slight departure for me from my normal sphere of work. Nonetheless, it was a project that was both extremely intriguing, and also very important to me - whilst at the same time presenting an interesting array of challenges.


Firstly, and whilst the project began with an extremely vague brief - initially allowing me a great deal of design latitude - it was, however, clear that Daniel had very specific notion of what was right and wrong for his novel cover.


Secondary was the simple fact that the design style requested was, to be honest, somewhat different to the style I usually gravitate toward and, had it been entirely under my own control, the sort I would, no doubt, have ultimately created.


Working however with a variety of example imagery Daniel provided, as well as several, in depth follow-up conversations, I was able to create an initial set of designs which, once presented, evolved into the final design seen here.


Continuing forward - resolving issues involving CYMK and RGB colour conversion between print format and screen colour - I was able to work with Daniel to create associated artwork for his website, www.dakemp.com.


"Whilst I know it might not be a design that she would naturally have come to, Jen was able to listen to and interpret and follow my requests in order to create the stunning cover design now adorning the front and rear cover of my new debut novel, Fragments of a Life."

- D A Kemp


Daniel's novel can be purchased in both paperback and kindle ebook format on Amazon, here, with more details available on Daniel's website, www.dakemp.com. For more information, you can contact him directly at daniel@dakemp.com.


"the stunning cover design now adorning the front and rear of my new debut novel"

- D A Kemp

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