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Kate and Sam

A full collection of wedding illustration for Kate and Sam's Christmas wedding

In September 2015, Kate approached me in desperate need of an illustrator for her Christmas wedding.


During our conversations, and having come to understand the style of her and her partner, Sam’s, dark, yet warm and atmospheric wintry evening theme, I was delighted to come to their rescue, creating this set of wedding invitations featuring an array of small yet specific personal touches.


Extremely pleased with the theme, I was able to develop it further on Kate's request, producing an Order of Service, wedding party listing, and even stickers to adorn her and her fiancé's wedding cake boxes.


With careful colour matching combined with seasonal foliage and subtle florals - not to mention, personal touches - these designs showcase not only my inimitable hand-drawn style, but also my dedication to provide unique and truly special designs based upon and within the style of my clients personalities and pre-existing wedding theme.

Above: Main invitation sent out to all guests

Right: Order of Service

Beneath: A 'who's who' of the wedding party with a small thank you note attached

Bottom right: Sticker to adorn gifts and envelopes

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